What Potlatch is for

You don’t know what potlatch is for because the purpose of potlatch is to give you an opportunity to embrace mystery again. All of the potlatch in the dojoearth system (including mine) has been charged by someone sacrificing $1-$2 of Babylonian fiat and charging a virtual token like an ounce of silver. You gave it without expecting there to be a purpose. You potlatched it to dojoearth.org. As you gift it to each other you are charging the token with prana and generosity. As round 3 unfolds you will see the wampum’s history as each potlatch holds an ancestral history of every hand that held it on dojo earth. Those of you who bought potlatch forged a virgin token out of the electricity from your heart. This is the animism we talk about so much. This is the personification of our intent in the Age of Aquarius.

And that, my friends, is what potlatch is for.

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