Welcome to DojoEarth

If you’re reading this you are one of our founding members. Thank you for the witness. Please note, most of the content currently in the library is confidential replays of our member dojo. These ceremonies are private to encourage authenticity. You can access those replays and participate in our daily sessions with a dojo membership.

There are currently two free public dojos anyone can attend and participate in without being a member. These are FilmSchool and Homeschool. More content is coming. Thank you for joining the tribe.

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  1. Dear James,
    Keep wonderful and outstanding as you do. One of the few favorite sources, You and ArchAngelMichael for the unadulterated realities and Divine Will/ providence. Quick note to send you every blessing of warmth as one continues to be uplifted by your work! Already on your subscriber list, from a while past. The major takeaway from you is how you worded perfectly, and paraphrasing from memory: “[they] must be pretty evolved souls in order to take the KARMIC-Hit.” Your view here, also reminds one with Caroline Myss’s work: “Sacred Contracts.” Best wishes to you, as usual …
    Aloha, nicholl

    P.S. recently got the boot from twattttter