Seed as Physician: Anastasia, Chapter 11

This video is my reading of Chapter 11 from the book, Anastasia by Vladimir Megre. Learn how to imbue your seeds with medicinal properties that will heal your body. Some contend Anastasia is a book of fiction, others non-fiction. Decide for yourself and if you plant seeds why not give this a try? It can only help…

Seed as Physician: Anastasia, Chapter 11

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  1. Snap Jenn said must get, so i did, seeds they reside in my mouth during the propagation ritual and yes it is true you can adjust the parameters of your plant. eg last time the settings were Max music, min sugar, max action.

      1. I’m right there with you Max! I would say I followed the steps loosely. Perhaps I’ll have to do another round of seeds the proper way after the squirrels get their fill.

  2. Beautiful read! I have always planted with the moon cycles. Just yesterday I plants some coliflower, brocoli, cabage, brussels, lavendar and camomile. Always in my bare feet and in the drakness of a new moon. I imbue them with my love and intentions. I water soil before seed. And only give new water when they sprout up as the moon light grows stronger. I look forward to incorporating some of Anastasia’s suggestions next turn. 💚

  3. The Anastasia series by Vladimir Megre (Ringing Cedars of Russia) is a series that has enthralled me since 2008. I very much appreciate your narration of this section Josh and bringing the ideas to the Dojo. Thank you.

  4. first caught this book on TV about 10 years and immediately fell in love with it. Its the continuation of the story of Anastasia’s life after the events in Rasputin. It’s very different to the first movie with a lot more dancing and a powerful love story. John Travolta and Finola Hughes are completely sexy together as they dance their way to the top, taking the lead roles in a broadway show called ‘Satans Alley’. Staying Alive is a film that any dancers should definately see. It will have you on the edge of your seat! I also recommend the soundtrack to this fantastic movie. It has powerful songs by fantastic artists, including Tommy Faragher, Cynthia Rhodes (Flashdance, Dirty Dancing), Bee Gees and Frank Stallone.

    Top product, highly recommend