Time is getting closer to start my vegetable patch!

  • Time is getting closer to start my vegetable patch!

  • Feath

    February 18, 2021 at 10:12 am

    So here we are, the nights are getting lighter and as per usual in the UK the weather is all over the place.

    My garden looks like a waste land and I am feeling very frustrated with myself, as every time I go up to the garden – I have two small ponds so go to turn the water pump on – my energy drains away just looking at the work to do.

    I am stretched I have to say, with work on the house and the normal everyday things we do to take care of family, the idea of starting yet another job overwhelms me!

    Here is the thing, I have to do it, I want to grow some vegetables this year!

    I know once I start, my full intention is there as I flit round the garden, starting, stopping, jobs all over, with the robins in tow; they follow me round as if finding the whole thing hilarious, and of course the pursuit of worms emerging in my wake.

    Fliting round is one of my downfalls I have to say!

    To add another ‘thought flit’, does anyone have any tips on growing sage indoors; every time I try it ends in failure. I do not grow from seed but use the living herbs from the supermarket, perhaps that could be the problem?

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