Venus has entered Pisces!

  • Venus has entered Pisces!

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  • Melanie

    February 25, 2021 at 11:01 pm

    Venus has entered Pisces! In the midst of Jupiter’s trine to the Point of Fate in Gemini the goddess of beauty has entered the house of karma to establish new spiritually-charged relationships that are oriented towards problem solving, crisis prevention, divine rewards and heavenly forms of charity.

    Concurrently, Neptune has entered 20 Pisces, a degree where the Holy Spirit speaks, especially on March 10th during the upcoming Sun/Neptune conjunction. Heed the Spirit’s messages and messengers then.

    Dream-fulling Jupiter is in active trine to the Gemini Fate and will remain so for many days. We are in a time of divine security enhancement and enlightenment with respect to our past and future.

    With Jupiter currently aligned to Delphinus, a benevolent star where rescues happen, themes of divine rescue will abound along with special orchestrations that secure major personal and family interests.

    To ascend with Venus in Pisces it is wise to extend grace and charity in the special and reasonable ways which the goddess inspires. Special times and circumstances will soon arise for this.

    With the Gemini Fate currently activated by Jupiter’s trine from Aquarius we are in a special window of time where divine forms of knowledge can descend and circulate for the great benefit of our lives, especially in the future-focused, family, national and business contexts.

    This trine is also greatly opportune for wise investment and new security planning for the future. Major signs and confirmations will be forthcoming, Jupiter investment always yields the highest returns.

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