Ink and Fire

Michael Wachter

Esoteric Journey co-host Michael Wachter’s new website is live. I just ordered one of his prints. I had a hard time deciding between the light series or the dark. Both showcase a clean, crisp experiment in sigils, ink, fire, and silver augmentation. I am baffled by the level of detail Michael has taken with the crafting of ink and fire. Some of these processes took decades to perfect and he’s pouring them out now like hot butter.

My name is Michael Wachter I am a welder/millwright and artist. My art gives to me a sense of experimentation and play that is not common in my heavily measured and precise trade. I get excited creating something novel, unseen, something with the potential to move the viewer into new territory. I am never really sure how my pieces will be perceived until they are completed and shared. There is a great joy in hearing how others interpret the work as everyone has a unique way of looking at it. The symmetrical nature of my current series helps the viewer personify the image as it takes on life-like qualities. I am always adding hidden meaning and symbology into my pieces as I believe mystery to be one of the greatest gifts of life. Thank you all for accompanying me on this journey of self-discovery, let me know what you see!”


Light Series #3 / Limited Edition 1 / 8
Dark Series #11 / Limited Edition 1 / 8


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  1. Love the options and trying to find the one I had marked (screenshot) from FB or Instagram. Either way, I want to get this one 🙂
    Congratulations! !

  2. Absolutely stunning pieces, and very similar to the Kings Of Leons “Only by the night” cover.
    Could that have been made by Michael by any chance? (Since the only info I’ve found on who the artist is this from their wikipage: [Quote]”The cover art copyright is believed to belong to the label, RCA, or the graphic artist(s)”[unquote]- (no artist name anywhere)! Anyone here that knows this?

  3. I so agree with the difficulty in choosing a print. There’s so many options and so much to see in every piece! Looking forward to receiving mine.
    Thanks, and Congrats to Michael on the new site!

    1. Thanks, Kim! Your order should be on the way! I was able to get a US printer. Sent you a refund on the high shipping you paid. Thanks for your support.

  4. Thank you so much for sharing! It’s very touching to see this post. It warms my heart. I spent all night making a US print shop so it would cut down on the shipping price for everyone from the States. It’s up now and ready to order from. I am going to give a discount to everyone in Dojo so hold up of you are thinking of buying anything. I’ll give you all a discount code when I set it up. If you have already purchased something don’t worry I’ll send you a rebate! Have a wonderful day everyone. <3