Esoteric Journey Ep. 10 – A Garden of Forking Paths

The group discusses a variety of topics including mushrooms, archetypes, giants, martial arts and more. We share some of the characters we created as well as our experiences taking a new path. Max shares a video he made of his journey to an ancient Scottish site.

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  1. This is not meant as criticism but it seems like a question worth asking. There are endless movies that border on glamorizing a fractured psyche where people create an alter or have more than one character. It’s everywhere in entertainment. In other words I only associate negativity with the whole idea so I’m wondering what the value is.

    1. @mAtt why do you feel it’s all negative?
      Use your imagination to create a character. Why did you pick certain characteristics? Is it something you like about yourself? Something you want to change???

      1. Thanks for the feedback both of you. It just doesn’t resonate with me but I still have a one track mind about certain things that I see as all Babylon and obviously that’s not a good way to be. But I also don’t like any kind of costuming and my interest in reading is always non-fiction.

  2. mAtt – you’re talking about someone having another personality programmed into their psyche through trauma. We are talking about an imagination exercise where we create a character, much like an author or screenwriter does. Think about it, I’m sure you can begin to see the value in such an exercise, especially since it’s being done without malevolent intent. Most characters will reflect aspects of ourselves or display traits we desire but lack in ourselves. I can see many possible benefits to doing this.